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40 Taiji training centers set up in China
Forty Taiji training centers have been set up in Chenjiagou, attracting nearly 10,000 Taiji fans from different countries and regions in a year.
Vivid sugar figures adorn feast in NW China's Yinchuan
Vivid sugar figures are magnificent adornments for the feast.
Students go to school on horseback
Students from Xilingol League, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region have a unique way of going to school.
- 40 Taiji training centers set up in China
- Vivid sugar figures adorn feast in NW China's Yinchuan
- Students go to school on horseback
- PLA's first female special ops
- Jiaomian: traditional facial in Guangxi
- Group wedding on Chinese Valentine's Day
- People enjoy themselves with water
- 10 must-try street foods in Beijing
- Chinese enjoy Dragon Boat Festival vacation
- More reading corners set up in Anhui
- 'Monihei' Carnival held in Yunnan
- People enjoy water-splashing festival
- China marks World Health Day 2016
- Erecting eggs to greet 'Chunfen'
- Peking opera embodied into daily schooling
- More older pregnant women expected
- Chinese celebrate Winter Solstice
- Growing pains for China's 'only-child' generation
- Two-child policy puts pressure on sperm banks
- Father builds giant transformer for son
- Veteran searches for old friends via bus ad
- Abducted women becomes model teacher
- A WW II veteran's love story
- Red Cross groups start screening children for CHD
- Kunming University opens online store to 'sell' graduates
- 60 mln kids in China living without their parents
- What are the most prestigious jobs in China?
- Female adult ceremony held in NW China
- The changing history of school uniforms in China
- An 18-truck wedding motorcade in Shaanxi
- Changes for miners in the last 30 years
- From a toddler to a beautiful mother
- Nadam: Time to celebrate harvests
- Tibetan cliff engravers
- A high-end blind date held in Wuhan
- Say hello to the second child
- Assistance centers for homeless children
- The yoga dream of the disabled
- Family of nine struggles to survive
- Chinese lonely hearts shop for sweethearts online
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