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Chinese peacekeeper puts love for daughter in sketches
Twenty-three peacekeepers returned to their original units in Zhejiang province on March 20, after completing a yearlong United Nations mission in Liberia.
Female SWAT member joins reality show
Song won second place in a shooting contest in Sichuan in 2011.
Three generations of Chinese train drivers
QuJunjie is a high-speed train driver at Shanghai Railway Bureau.
- Chinese peacekeeper puts love for daughter in sketches
- Female SWAT member joins reality show
- Three generations of Chinese train drivers
- A village teacher and his 6 wishes
- Young pastry cook makes dough sculptures
- Female soldiers on Frigate Jingzhou
- Armed police train in scorching weather
- People practice yoga at park in Henan
- Frontier guards help nomads move to summer pasture
- Young teacher's heartfelt love for students
- Father makes sculptures to document daughter's life
- Yale graduate serves countryside
- Chinese soldiers hold training to improve anti-terrorism skills
- Nanjing twin sisters admitted to Harvard
- Migrant children learn a tough lesson
- 1 teacher, 1 student: the smallest school
- Young chef and his eggshell carving
- Chinese philanthropist gains int'l recognition
- College students' film reveals inner life of 'homowives'
- Female students' pain and gain from exam-oriented education
- Man with dwarfism cycles around country
- 'Devil training' of armed police sniper
- Female anti-drug soldier Zhang Liu
- Soldiers' group wedding on Army Day
- Millionaire gives up fortune to be a monk
- Artists' life in Jingdezhen
- Female soldier fights border drug trafficking
- Hero pilots died avoiding built-up area
- Brother Orange flies to US for Ellen Show
- Young Tibetans' wedding ceremony a hit
- Chinese cyclists' globe-trotting tour
- 'Tiger father' in Sichuan keeps son naked
- Chinese No.1 female bodyguard: Bian Mei
- Pole dancers show strength and beauty in snow
- 18 college students join hands to save suicidal woman
- An artificial limb technician's life
- Zheng Danna: a mother-like teacher
- Blind dates frustrate singles seeking love
- Lang Lang performs at UN Day concert
- The dream of a blind masseur
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