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Panda 'babies' enjoy milk from bottles
Largest robot show held in Tianjin
Drill in snowfield tests the combat level of PLA
On the way home for Spring Festival
50 couples lock lips for record in Shanghai kiss marathon
Swimming in a snow world in N. China
Costa Rican president awarded Chinese degree
2014's most memorable images in China
New recruits of North China Sea Fleet pass first inspection
Kids rock the kitchen
Railway staff keep fashion on track
Panda twins get new names
Naughty panda acts cute after doing mess up
Volunteers stand by for APEC Leaders' Week
Students aim sky high in Harbin
Panda Xue Xue released into the wild
Chinese Cheongsam ceremony opens in Beijing
'Color Run' at Tsinghua University
Bikini beauties have fun in 'mud fight'
Soldiers bid farewell to Xie Qiao
Robots strut their stuff in NE China
SWAT team holds anti-terrorism drill
Flower sellers gear up for upcoming Qixi Festival
Chinese Navy frogmen in training
Soldiers rescue flood-stranded residents in NE China
China's 1st driverless subway train on exhibition
China's 1st driverless subway train on exhibition
Museum Negeri, the pearl of Lombok Island
SMESCO Indonesia promotes traditional products
Beauties take graduation pics in Qingdao
Asia's largest ICT show kicks off in Taipei
Miss Campus graduates this summer
Beijing Life
2014 China Graduate Fashion Week opens
Coming-of-age ceremony in hanfu held
Beijing Life
Art students' skills show in Qingdao
Ukraine ballet troupe brings Swan Lake to Nanning
China Post launches lunar landing stamps
Bullet train attendants celebrate Christmas Day
Launch procedure of Chang'e 3 lunar probe
Chinese icebreaker Xuelong enters area of Prydz Bay, Antarctica
Peng attends activity on the World AIDS Day
Models pose for the photography competition in Anhui
College students talk vaginas
China-Arab States Youth Entrepreneurs Summit
Farewell, Rubber Duck!
Farewell, Rubber Duck!
Eye-catching lingerie showcase in Shenyang
Eye-catching lingerie showcase in Shenyang
Lingerie at Wuhan Int'l Auto Show
Panda cubs debut at Wolong Reserve
Five-storey-high 'moon' welcomes Mid-Autumn Festival
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