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Abandoned children with HIV
Hepingli Hospital in the Dongcheng District of Beijing is the only place in the capital that receives and treats abandoned babies and children.
A talented child with SMA
When this boy was four years old, he used to tell his friends that he suffered from an incurable happiness disease.
Border soldiers sharpen skills in snow training
Located at 50 degrees north latitude, Heihe city neighbors Blagoveshchensk in Russia across the Amur River, or Heilong Jiang. Temperature dips to as low as minus 50 C in its half-year-long winter.
- Abandoned children with HIV
- Journey of love in a wheelchair
- Stewardesses exchange skills with train attendants
- A talented child with SMA
- Border soldiers sharpen skills in snow training
- Frontier soldiers train in freezing cold
- China's first national Constitution Day marked
- Female PLA soldiers in China
- First ladies visit PLA art school
- Men experience childbirth pain in E. China
- Apple CEO visits Tsinghua University
- College body painting contest in Nanjing
- Female special security team
- PLA's female fighter plane pilots to make debut at air show
- Xi visits Beijing Normal University
- Xi calls for greater respect for teachers
- Children given treatment after Yunnan quake
- First Hope Primary school set in quake-hit area
- Police chief pledges security at Youth Olympics
- Rogge expects great success for Nanjing YOG
- Chinese pilots compete at Aviadarts-2014
- Nanjing welcomes YOG
- Nearly 4,000 attend lecture on postgraduate exam in Jinan
- Environmental protection stamp exhibition opens in Qingdao
- China, Indonesia entrepreneurs expect cooperation
- Youth exchange deepens China-Indonesia understanding
- Gaokao ends in Qingdao
- Students pray for good luck in coming exam
- Beijing Foreign Language Festival held
- Miss Campus graduates this summer
- Beijing Life
- Int'l long walk kicks off in Fangshan
- Qingdao ranks 1st for women's state of life
- 'Angry Birds' hit Qingdao Horti Expo
- Ningxia to attract more foreign experts
- Japanese lawyer loves a Ningxia electrician
- Coming-of-age ceremony in hanfu held
- Offer the elderly better community-based care
- CPPCC member: dual fuel solution to emissions
- A security guard's dream in Beijing
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