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First Hope Primary school set in quake-hit area
The construction of the first Hope Primary school in the earthquake-affected area would be finished on Tuesday to ensure the opening of the new semester in Sept. 1.
Nanjing welcomes YOG
The 2014 Summer Youth Olympics will be held in Nanjing from August 16 to 28 with the motto "Olympics for the young, by the young".
Nearly 4,000 attend lecture on postgraduate exam in Jinan
Nearly 4,000 undergraduates attend a lecture about the entrance examination for postgraduates at Huangting Gymnasium in Jinan, capital city of east China's Shandong province on July 17, 2014.
- First Hope Primary school set in quake-hit area
- Nanjing welcomes YOG
- Nearly 4,000 attend lecture on postgraduate exam in Jinan
- Environmental protection stamp exhibition opens in Qingdao
- China, Indonesia entrepreneurs expect cooperation
- Youth exchange deepens China-Indonesia understanding
- Gaokao ends in Qingdao
- Students pray for good luck in coming exam
- Beijing Foreign Language Festival held
- Miss Campus graduates this summer
- Beijing Life
- Int'l long walk kicks off in Fangshan
- Qingdao ranks 1st for women's state of life
- 'Angry Birds' hit Qingdao Horti Expo
- Ningxia to attract more foreign experts
- Japanese lawyer loves a Ningxia electrician
- Coming-of-age ceremony in hanfu held
- Offer the elderly better community-based care
- CPPCC member: dual fuel solution to emissions
- A security guard's dream in Beijing
- Care for disavantaged groups
- Dream for me, dream for Shandong University Of Arts, dream for China
- The road to the realization of dreams
- Good night! grandpa!
- My Chinese dream-Let your light shine
- My Chinese dream called football
- Don’t let the dream become a dream
- My Chinese dream - a spirit of striving for success
- Touch the“China Dream”in Japan
- Where there is a dream, there is a hope!
- Chinese films rule domestic box office in 2013
- Art students' skills show in Qingdao
- College students make final preparations for postgraduate exam
- New year, new releases
- Fashion firm primps rural ambitions
- Hua Chenyu sings for 'Up in the Wind'
- Children's play 'Chinese Stories in Pocket' staged
- Translation contest draws public attention
- 3D animation film 'Boonie Bears' to hit screens
- Models appeal for environmental protection
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