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Drama class on 'Zhen Huan' becomes hit
A middle school in Chengdu has started offering an optional drama class, based on the story of the popular tele-series "The Legend of Zhen Huan".
Twins festival kicks off in Yunnan
Twins participate in the 11th twins festival in the Hani Autonomous County of Mojiang, southwest China's Yunnan Province, May 2, 2015.
Chinese kids all warmed up!
Children do exercise during a sports activity at Jiayuan No. 1 Kendergarten in Beijing, capital of China, April 21, 2015.
- Drama class on 'Zhen Huan' becomes hit
- Twins festival kicks off in Yunnan
- Chinese kids all warmed up!
- Middle school holds anti-terrorism drill
- China sends peacekeepers to South Sudan
- Zhongguancun Innovation Street services for startups
- PLA Air Force acrobatic team heads to Malaysia for stunt show
- People celebrate Spring Festival across China
- Eight-year-old turns camera on premier
- Border guards conduct all-terrain patrol
- Soldiers hold snow field training in NE China
- Women do yoga after snowfall
- The Chinese Dream of A Young Volunteer
- Three courses of tea by Zhang Yuxue
- You Are My Sunshine
- A hardworking youth is the most beautiful
- 'Shandong Elder Brother'
- To Be a Torchbearer
- The core socialist values are shown on HYSY981, a drilling platform
- A Post 1980s Generation Returned Student’s Core Socialist Values
- The Core Socialist Values---Our Nation's Spiritual Culture
- Let's Talk about Socialist Core Values
- Seek Core socialist values from traditional Chinese culture
- Core Value of Socialism---Main Theme of the Times ---Responsibility on College Students
- Patriotism: Actions Speak Louder than Words
- Abandoned children with HIV
- Journey of love in a wheelchair
- Stewardesses exchange skills with train attendants
- A talented child with SMA
- Border soldiers sharpen skills in snow training
- Frontier soldiers train in freezing cold
- China's first national Constitution Day marked
- Female PLA soldiers in China
- First ladies visit PLA art school
- Men experience childbirth pain in E. China
- Apple CEO visits Tsinghua University
- College body painting contest in Nanjing
- Female special security team
- PLA's female fighter plane pilots to make debut at air show
- Xi visits Beijing Normal University
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