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Students greet upcoming Father's Day
Children play with their father to greet the upcoming Father's Day in Handan City, north China's Hebei Province, June 15, 2017.
Int'l Children's Day marked across China
The cultural festival consisted of folk dances, performances and food making activities and it was held to celebrate the upcoming International Children's Day.
World No-Tobacco Day marked in Jiangsu
Pupils show their self-made no-smoking signs on masks in Handan City, north China's Hebei Province, May 31, 2017.
- Students greet upcoming Father's Day
- Int'l Children's Day marked across China
- World No-Tobacco Day marked in Jiangsu
- China ready to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival
- Students take part in gesture exercise competition
- School to invest $22 mln in simulated C919 training system
- 24 provinces kick off civil service exams
- Innovative bookshop attracts children
- RV camping expo held in Shanxi
- Soldiers undergo tactical training in Jiangxi
- Students cheer at adult ceremony in N. China
- 6th China Int'l Industry Robot Exhibition opens
- Large job fair opens in C China's Henan
- Giant rooster made with cotton in Chongqing
- 3rd China-Vietnam Youth Festival kicks off
- Students attend stewardess skill training
- Int'l Snow Sculpture Contest for College Students kicks off
- Guangzhou students train gymnastics
- Festival brings Chinese and Vietnamese youths closer
- Group wedding on the train
- How Chinese spent National Day holiday
- Youth delegates visit Panda Base in Chengdu
- College innovation event in N. China
- Children learn hand weaving during summer vacation
- Over 13,000 foreign traders resident in Yiwu
- Naval academy swords for graduates
- Aerospace military exhibition kicks off
- Volunteers start space simulation experiment
- Yoga lovers practise at glass sightseeing platform in Beijing
- Kindergarten children pose for a graduation photo
- Large support groups for Gaokao candidates
- Joyous students after finishing Gaokao
- Young teacher's heartfelt love for students
- Graduates pose for photos with performance
- 2016 National Science and Technology Week
- Girls pick tea leaves in E China
- 26,000 Kung Fu students form huge patterns
- Beijing switches off lights for Earth Hour
- Graduates call for environmental protection
- World Sleep Day marked in China
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