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A security guard's dream in Beijing
"Beijing is my home and my dream is to be an excellent security guard," Zhu Liang Yu, a 42-year-old security officer in Beijing with a master's degree, said when talking about his lifelong dream.
College students make final preparations for postgraduate exam
Students prepare for the postgraduate exam, which will take place from Jan. 4 to 6.
Life of female soldiers onboard 999 landing ship
A number of photos zoom into the life of female navy soldiers onboard the No.999 Landing Ship.
- Offer the elderly better community-based care
- CPPCC member: dual fuel solution to emissions
- A security guard's dream in Beijing
- Care for disavantaged groups
- Dream for me, dream for Shandong University Of Arts, dream for China
- The road to the realization of dreams
- Good night! grandpa!
- My Chinese dream-Let your light shine
- My Chinese dream called football
- Don’t let the dream become a dream
- My Chinese dream - a spirit of striving for success
- Touch the“China Dream”in Japan
- Where there is a dream, there is a hope!
- Chinese films rule domestic box office in 2013
- Art students' skills show in Qingdao
- College students make final preparations for postgraduate exam
- New year, new releases
- Fashion firm primps rural ambitions
- Hua Chenyu sings for 'Up in the Wind'
- Children's play 'Chinese Stories in Pocket' staged
- Translation contest draws public attention
- 3D animation film 'Boonie Bears' to hit screens
- Models appeal for environmental protection
- Life of female soldiers onboard 999 landing ship
- Chinese Zhusuan listed as World Intangible Cultural Heritage
- Help for women considering 2nd baby
- Toilet paper wedding dress to advocate low carbon lifestyle
- Protest against ABC's discriminatory rhetoric
- ACYF member donates books
- ACYF organizes 'Entering China Science and Technology Museum'
- Youth Federation of Central Enterprises meeting
- Job fair opens in China's Shijiazhuang
- Coming-of-age ceremony in Beijing
- Shanghai armed police in survival drill
- College students call for greater anti-trafficking awareness
- Handmade Transformers on display in Anhui
- Bullet train attendants celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival
- Soldiers gather for training in N China
- PLA recruits start journey to army
- Young couples register for marriage on Qixi
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