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Voluntary work

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Chinese Young Volunteers Operation is a social program with young people's voluntary and not-for-profit participation, aiming for promoting social progress and human development. Since its start in 1993, young volunteers have provided voluntary services for more than 150 million person-times and 550 million working hours in the areas of poverty reduction, community development, environmental protection, large-scale activities, disaster rescue and overseas services, etc. Around 24,000 Chinese young volunteers have contributed in the fields of education, health and agricultural techniques for social and economic development of the poverty-stricken regions nationwide. Registered volunteers now reach 13.49 million.

University Students “Go West ”Voluntary Service Scheme

University students “Go West ”voluntary service scheme started in June, 2003. With the procedure of open recruits, voluntary participation, organized selection and coordinated dispatch, each year a certain number of recent university graduates are selected and sent to work voluntarily in poverty-stricken grass-roots areas in middle and west China for 1-2years. After the volunteers complete the service term, they are encouraged to stay in the grass-roots working position, or choose another job according to their own interest. In the year 2006, about 20,000 volunteers served the development of education, medical care, and agriculture etc, in poverty-stricken areas.

Community Harmony-promoting Voluntary Service Action

In 2006, the ACYF and the CCYL launched “Community Harmony-promoting Voluntary Service Action”, aiming for building up a high-quality, multi-level, and stable registered community volunteers team; constructing a community voluntary service system with sound organizational network, substantial projects, and complete working mechanism; realizing balance between supply and demand of community voluntary service; making voluntary service a effective channel for young people and community residents be involved in social development, grass-roots autonomy, and community integrity.

Chinese Youth Volunteers Overseas Service Plan

To promote the mutual understanding and develop the friendship between young people of China and other countries, the ACYF launched the Chinese Youth Volunteers Overseas Service Plan in 2002.

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