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About All-China Youth Federation

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Established in 1949, the All-China Youth Federation (ACYF) is a federative body of Chinese youth organizations and excellent youth nationwide. Through its 52 member organizations and over 77,000 individual members at all levels, the ACYF reaches over 300 million young people across China. Besides its commitment to national development and world peace, the ACYF aims to represent and protect the legitimate rights and interests of young people and promote youth participation and development. It runs programs and activities in the following fields: education and training, voluntary service, development of new countryside, environmental protection, protection of rights and interests, innovation and employment, youth culture, international exchanges and cooperation and exchange programs with Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan. Due to its significant contributions to the youth and society, the ACYF was granted the Human Resources Development Award by UNESCAP in 1999, the World Youth Award by UN in 2000 and the Champion of the Earth by UNEP in 2004.

The highest decision-making body of the ACYF is the National Committee that works for a term of five years. The National Committee has a President, a number of Vice Presidents. When it is not in session, the Standing Committee presides over the Federation's work. The Standing Committee has a Secretary-general and a number of Deputy Secretaries-general.

The Organizational Setup of the All-China Youth Federation

National Committee

Standing Committee



Coordination Department/

Ethnic & Religious Affairs Department/

Cultural and Sports Activities Department/

Science and Technology Department/

Education Department/

Social Organizations Department/

Human Resources Development Department/

The Department of Friendship with HongKong,Macao and Taiwan/

Overseas Chinese Schollars Service Department/

Returned Overseas Trainees Department/ International Department/

Tourism Department/

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List of President and Vice Presidents of the 11th Committee of the All-China Youth Federation


Mr.Wang Xiao 

Vice Presidents

He Junke / Lu Yongzheng / Wang Xi / Deng Zhonghan / Chen Yulu / Yu Xubo / Pan Gang / Lang Lang / Yang Yang / Xue Cheng / Cheng Hong / Ji Bin / Chen Zhongni / Zheng Zhigang / Ma Zhiyi / Qi Xingda 

Member Organizations of the All-China Youth Federation

The 16 national member organizations

●The Communist Youth League of China (CYLC)

●The All-China Students' Federation (ACSF)

●The Chinese Association of YMCAs

●The Chinese Association of YWCAs

●The Chinese Association of Young Entrepreneurs (CAYE)

●The Chinese Association of Young Township Entrepreneurs (CAYTE)

●The Chinese Association of Young Science and Technology Workers (CAYSTW)

●The Capital Youth Association of Editors and Journalists (CYAEJ)

●The Chinese Young Volunteers Association (CYVA)

●The Chinese Youth Society for Promoting Industrial Development (CYSPID)

●The Chinese Society for Juvenile Studies (CSJS)

●The Chinese Association of Youth Work Institutes (CAYWI)

●The Chinese Youth Association for Network Development (CYAND)

●The Chinese Society for Juvenile Delinquency Research (CSJDR)

●The China Youth Press Association (CYPA)

● The China National Youth Palace Association (CNYPA)

The 36 provincial member organizations

●The Youth Federations of the various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities

directly under the Central Government

●The Youth Federation of the various organs directly affiliated to the Central Committee

of the Communist Party of China

●The Youth Federation of the various organs directly affiliated to the central state organs

●The Youth Federation of the Civil Aviation Administration of China

●The Youth Federation of the national financial institutions

●The Youth Federation of state-owned enterprises

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